The Phyllis Gordon Foundation assists neurological cancer patients and their families in Toronto, Ontario, with funding for personal home care.

Phyllis and her family found out that there are few options available when the hospital system deems it necessary to move you along, only an extended rehab facility, if you qualify, or a nursing home.

Most patients and their families would prefer to be at home. However, even with the best of intentions, the family canít always provide all the necessary care and support. Government funding only allows 14 hours per week for personal service workers and covering the rest is expensive. The vast majority of insurance policies do not address the cost of these support workers even though they are vitally important to the well-being of the patient and essential for home care.

We need your support to make homecare possible for others. Please donate now and help make Phyllis's hopes and dreams for others become a reality.

Phyllis Gordon Foundation Board Of Directors: (Comprised of her husband, family members and a few of her many close friends.)

Shane Gordon
Josef Ger
Deborah Landers
Margaret Ramsdale
Peter Gordon