Phyllis Gordon (nee Lewin) was born in Montreal, Canada. Her parents were immigrants from Poland and Israel and she grew up with a true appreciation of life and family. Her childhood friends came to know her as a great listener and someone who could be counted on when they needed her. She had an original sense of style even when she was a teenager. She loved to prowl the second-hand stores looking for unique outfits and earrings. But her fabulous mane of hair, whether straight or curly, made every outfit look terrific. After high school, she completed her art history degree at Concordia University and pursued a degree in education from the University of Toronto. After she moved back to Montreal, it was the fashion industry, not teaching, that called to her. Phyllis’s positive, no-nonsense outlook and hard work paid off as she progressed up the corporate ladder in a very competitive industry.

Good things do happen to good people and as luck would have it, Phyllis met the love of her life, Shane, married, and moved back to make Toronto home. Phyllis was soon snatched up by the John Forsyth Shirt Company and stayed there for 26 years. She helped to grow the company, making it one of the largest in the menswear industry and rose to the position of Vice President of Merchandising. Somehow, in between all her travels, she always found time to stay in touch with friends and family, and never forgot people’s birthdays, anniversaries or calls just to say hello. She had a knack for making each and every person feel special, because they were special to her.

When Phyllis found out that she had brain cancer, she wanted to be at home, surrounded by her husband, friends and family, and the familiar things she loved. Her wish came true thanks to her devoted family, company benefits and savings. Phyllis never once complained or felt sorry for herself. The personal service workers were with her around the clock and they too came to love her. She touched people in a unique way and her spirit and legacy continue to do so today.

Now, join Phyllis in helping others with terminal brain cancer spend their last days at home getting the care they need and deserve.